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Moicon uses the Forge platform to build digital twin solutions for customers, collecting and organizing their valuable facility data and combining it with sensor data in a visual, intuitive, and automated manner. Their easy-to-use, predictive software systems for end customers reduce costs, labor, and unplanned downtime.


Manufacturing companies across a variety of industries struggle to analyze end-to-end building and factory performance data alongside maintenance tasks and issue reporting, all of which are typically housed in multiple systems and formats. Moicon has created software that helps companies with this challenge, letting customers view relevant information in an intuitive cloud-based interface that displays company facilities in 3D alongside relevant IoT and facility data.

In the past, similar solutions were custom built and costly. Moicon’s software systems, however, are easy to implement, low cost, and scalable. This opens the door for smaller companies with limited time and resources to create links between IoT data and facilities on the ground, and reap the benefits of smart manufacturing solutions.

How Moicon solved it with Forge.

Moicon utilizes Forge technology to “rethink the jobsite” by granting industrial workers better overview and continuous insight into factory floor operations. Moicon uses the Forge Data Management API and the Forge Model Derivative API to tie facility management data to IoT sensor data, as well as the Forge Viewer to link them together in dynamic 3D representations of factory floors.

One of Moicon’s first customers was Holmen Crisp, a food products manufacturing company. Moicon created a 3D representation of Holmen Crisp’s factory floor and linked it with real-time facility data. Factory objects beep, blink, animate, or display in other relevant ways to attract attention when needed. Moicon installed sensors in relevant areas of the building, enabling users to easily debug and monitor the condition of equipment and take any necessary preventative maintenance actions, such as inspections or repairs. The result is a real-time and interactive factory building that gives Holmen Crisp full insight into every process workflow and the company’s ever-changing facilities.

Impacts include the following:

  • Optimized building performance / factory performance by 20%
  • Reduced machine downtime
  • Lower maintenance costs with preventive maintenance

Moicon’ s software solutions are built on Forge, which, is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS offers a broad set of global compute, storage, database, analytics, application, and deployment services that help organizations move faster, lower IT costs, and scale applications. Forge customers trust the scalability, security, or dependability of AWS to ensure their applications and businesses run smoothly.

"We would rather create an intuitive platform that lets the industrial clients solve their own problems, because we will never know them all. That’s how we’ve approached our usage of Forge, simply because it lets them connect their facilities and analyze their own data, both in real time and historically."

Atle Jensen, Chairman & Co-Founder, Moicon

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