NBS improved connection and transparency by keeping the whole project team informed on status, decisions, and project risk, from all locations and devices. Visual walkthroughs of a building with specifications (with a few tweaks), is ideal for cross-functional team meetings.

NBS, an Autodesk Solution Associate and Forge ISV partner, provide technical information, specification and BIM tools to construction industry professionals including architects, engineers and surveyors as well as services for building product manufacturers.  NBS plays a key role leading the construction industry in its digital evolution. 


Successful construction projects rely on professionals across a range of disciplines coming together to collaborate. Being able to share timely, accurate information in a way that is easily accessible, and understood by all participants, is key to making better decisions and solving complex problems before work on site even starts. NBS wanted to find a way of unlocking the information at the heart of a project – the specification and related product data – and provide a way for everyone involved to explore this information by means of a 3D model.

How NBS solved it with Forge.

NBS developed an online viewer, powered by Forge, that brings construction projects to life through a web browser without the need for additional licenses. The tool allows a specification, written in NBS Create, to be linked with a project model in either Autodesk Revit or IFC format. The NBS Online Viewer, currently in public beta, enables all members of a project team, regardless of discipline or job role, to now walk through a building model and its specifications early in the project to get a real feel for the finished result.

“If we can move the construction industry from bits of paper to PDFs to web browsers, tablets and laptops, etc., then it’s a huge step forward.”

Dr. Stephen Hamil, Director of Research and Innovation, NBS

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