Data Exchange API

Control, share, and access just the data you need in your app of choice.


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New! Data Exchange API is now available in public beta.

Power your workflows by connecting data between design and make apps

Select and share just the data relevant to the task, set permissions to control use, and connect workflows both within the Autodesk portfolio of products and to third party product ecosystems.

By creating an exchange directly from a published Revit model in Autodesk Docs, you have control over sharing your model data. By creating an exchange from an open Revit or Rhino session, you can share your model data quickly and easily.

Power your workflows

Connectors make Data Exchange possible

We started by connecting Revit and Inventor through a data exchange. Then we connected that same exchange to Power Automate. Now we're expanding the exchange ecosystem to include Rhino and more. Check back to see new connectors available with Data Exchange.

Power Automate Beta

Connect your design data with our workflow templates on the Power Automate platform.

Revit Connector Beta

Log into our Feedback Community to access the Revit Connector beta.

Rhino Connector Beta

Log into our Feedback Community to access the Rhino Connector beta.

Vote for the next connectors...

Tell us what connectors you want to see next! Take the survey linked below.

Revit to Power Automate

Streamline collaboration by integrating Revit with Microsoft Power Automate

As Project, VDC, or BIM manager, you can unleash your team’s productivity and automate everyday tasks with the Data Exchange Connector for Power Automate.

Easily share subsets of Revit data with Power Automate to connect into hundreds of apps, from Slack to Excel to Power BI.

Share specific subsets of Revit data with Inventor

Take advantage of more controlled collaboration with your AEC design team and manufacturing partners who use Inventor. Select and provide the Revit data your fabrication partner needs, protecting your design IP and reducing data noise. As you make changes to your Revit data, Inventor users get notified of changes to only the data that’s been shared with them.

Revit to Inventor
Revit to Rhino

Send concepts from Rhino to Revit

Keeping conceptual design decisions in sync with detailed design development has always been a challenge. Now you can easily move geometry from Rhino to Revit - or from Revit to Rhino. This keeps the project designers on the same page and aware of the latest changes to Levels, Grids, Floors, Walls, and Curtain Walls.

How the Data Exchange API drives value for you, your team, and stakeholders

With the Data Exchange API, you can improve and streamline collaboration between your customers and the tools they use.

Share data and files

Share granular accessible data with another product or person while creating a controlled exchange.

Integrate data

Integrate exchange with Autodesk Drive, Docs, or Fusion Team

Visualize data`

Visualize exchange data and use componentized exchange navigation UIs.

Third party access to data

Provide third party access to data and get a jump start on a Cloud Information Model for your business.

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