Michael Beale

Michael Beale works for Autodesk Cloud Rendering team and focuses on client/server mashups that make the web-browser appear super-powered.  Starting with Autodesk Homestyler, then LMV-viewer, Prooflab and more recently a Stereo-Panorama service with webVR.

Posts by Michael Beale


Add floating icons and a customized info-card with this simple 'Extension'

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AEC-Hackathon webinar starting soon!

UPDATED: session recording URL added
(pre-AEC Hackathon) Webinar - "Viewing your 3D BIM data in the cloud with Autodesk Forge"

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multi-model search

With the release of version 4.0 of the Viewer, you can now use the model browser to search across multiple models.

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Use the Forge Viewer as a DWG floor-space / area-planning application, by adding Area-Markup to a mySQL database with Vue.js and do complex database queries, like an approval review process.

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