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Philippe Leefsma
Philippe Leefsma

Philippe Leefsma

Cloud Fellow

I write JavaScript for the future 3D World Wide Web, A.K.A Forge Platform

Posts by Philippe Leefsma
May 17, 2017
Take a look at the implementation of the ModelLoader extension: the component in charge of managing multiple models within a single viewer scene on Forge RCDB sample Read more
May 15, 2017
As your web application becomes more complex, there is a lot to bet that it will require multi-model workflows sooner or later ... get on the right foot from the start with this post and avoid... Read more
April 6, 2017
Learn the pitfalls of DataManagement API about user folders and how to avoid them! Read more
March 7, 2017
A boilerplate project to quickly get started using Autodesk Forge Platform Web Services in a modern React + Node.js Web Application... Don't wait, try it now! Read more
February 13, 2017
Learn about the upcoming JSON Web Token rollout for Forge platform authentication Read more
February 3, 2017
Harness the unlimited power of your GPU by bending rendering to your will using customized shader code with our Forge Viewer! Read more