BIM 360 Issues API Sample by Node.js

August 25, 2018

In the other blog,  we introduced a sample in .NET Core on BIM 330 Issue API. Here is another sample on Issue API by Node.js. It shows the usages of some Issue APIs such as:

  • basic usage of Issues API such as issues list, create issue, create comment, attach local file, load pushpin viewer with the issue.
  • export all issues to an CSV file (a little different to BIM 360 UI function, the CSV contains comments list and custom fields)
  • produce dashboard 
  • Export DWG to PDF (create issue with failure job)

This sample demos Document Issue only in this version, while the most logic of Field Issue API is similar. All APIs help can be found at Forge on-line document. In addition, this sample does not cover all parameters of an API call, while it is easy to test based on the skeleton. 

This is a live demo. About tells the test cases with the demo. To play the live demo with your BIM hub, the administrator of your BIM 360 will need to provision with Forge client id of this app. Check out Config>>[Show Me the Steps] on the page.

enjoy and welcome any feedbacks! 

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