October 24, 2018

Two exciting late additions to Forge DevCon

I'm very happy that we've found space for a couple of new classes at Forge DevCon Las Vegas. If you've already signed up for your Forge DevCon classes, you might want to go back to your schedule and add these two as well:


FDC254393 - "Robots, skeletons and streamlines: pushing the limits with the Forge viewer" by Kean Walmsley.

I was lucky to see a preview of this class at Forge DevCon Germany. Kean is an excellent speaker (he's been an Autodesk University top-rated speaker for many years), and his intellectual curiosity and love of technology always makes for engaging and entertaining presentations. This particular class is the perfect complement for Tuesday's SD226781 - "Advanced Techniques for Using the Forge Viewer" by Kevin Vandecar and Denis Grigor - go to both if you can. The Viewer is one of the crown jewels of the Forge API - its amazingly customizable, and many of our Forge customers are using it in ways we'd never imagined. [Editor's note - If you see Kean in Las Vegas, ask him why he really likes to wear a cardigan over his formal shirt].


FDC255339 - "Design Automation: Revit and Inventor – Better Together" by Adam Nagy.

We'd already scheduled several Design Automation API for Inventor and Design Automation API for Revit classes, but they are focused on using each product in isolation. There are many important workflows that combine both Inventor and Revit, and this class will teach you the basics of connecting Inventor and Revit via the Design Automation APIs to transfer data and geometry between the two.


There's still time to register for Forge DevCon Las Vegas - find out more here.



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