Data Visualization Toolkit for IoT

Quickly and easily get live insights from your digital twin with the IoT toolkit powered by Forge.


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Allow real-time or historical visualization of sensor data in your 3D design

The Data Visualization Toolkit for IoT provides the opportunity for insights around overall building operations, asset and occupant behavior, temperature and cO2, and much more. It is also now incredibly easy to incorporate heatmap and sensor data into your Forge application in just few steps.

Forge real time sensor data

Data Visualization API toolkit for IoT benefits

With a reference architecture using React for the UI-framework, Azure time-series database adapters, easy-to follow documentation and code samples, you can quickly learn how to leverage the IoT toolkit to build powerful Digital Twin experiences.

Visualize assets over time

Whether you want to monitor how your products move through an assembly line or understand how occupants move through your space, not only can this be done with the IoT toolkit, but it can also be visualized in real-time as well as historically. 

Visualize sensor data

Pretty much anything you or your sensors can gather data on can be incorporated and visualized on your Digital Twin. Whether it’s regulating the humidity throughout your building, or closely monitoring the temperature of a secured area.

Use models to make better business decisions

Are you looking to increase productivity in your warehouse? What about preventing traffic within your office building? The IoT toolkit will not only help you to make more informed decisions about how your building is being operated, but also allows you to compare previous patterns to new opportunities. 

Data Visualization IoT toolkit capabilities

Add sensors to your model

Add sensors to your model

Sensors represent IoT devices on your model and are displayed as two-dimensional icons.

Forge IoT toolkit capabilities

Add heatmaps to visualize data

Heatmaps are overlaid on surfaces within your model to display data such as room temperature, model parts, and other spatial information.

Forge IoT toolkit capabilities

Visualize data on timeline

Additional React UI components such as timelines, dashboards and graphs can be used to compliment the data being displayed on your model.

Forge IoT toolkit capabilities

Reference Application + Extensive Documentation

Use the example application and thorough documentation to understand how to incorporate the IoT toolkit into your Forge application.

Gresham Smith provides real-time data on asset and occupant behavior and experience

By combining mobility data with the Data Visualization extensions, Gresham Smith was not only able to generate current and historical visualizations of how people interact in a space, but also make the connections to understand how the environments and external factors can impact overall experiences within it.


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Gresham Smith provides real-time data

Developer Resources



Visit the Data Visualization’s Developer Guide to start building your Digital Twin today.

API Reference Guides

Take advantage of the API reference guides covering core, data, UI, and examples.


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