Community Events

Do you want to learn from peers or share your knowledge with the Forge community? Then Forge events are a great place to start. With both online and in-person events happening almost monthly across the globe, check out a Forge event near you.




Coffee Break

Virtual Coffee Break

Just like in the office, our virtual coffee break goes the same way: get together in the "kitchen" to catch up on what other teams are doing, share some ideas and, of course, grab a coffee to help concentrate. Every other Wednesday at 8AM PST you can log on and join our team for a cup of coffee.


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Schedule 1:1 Time with an Expert

The Forge team is in session to answer your technical or business questions. Choose your preferred Forge expert, book an appointment, and join your live session. There are no requirements, but be sure to have a headset and—if you’re feeling like it—a camera, as we'll be using Zoom. You don't need to submit questions in advance.

If you need help with your code, we recommend that you prepare your environment for debugging, and feel free to share your screen. 


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Accelerator events

Forge Accelerators: Get 1-on-1 support

A Forge Accelerator is a week-long opportunity for developers to work intensively on a chosen project with help, support, and training directly from the Autodesk Forge team.

Attend an Accelerator to network with industry experts and peers, exchange ideas, and most importantly; build your proof-of-concept.


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Featured Accelerators

Metropolis, Virtual Accelerator - April 6-10

Check out the recap from our first ever Forge Virtual Accelerator. Attendees got live online support 24/7 from experts via Slack and Zoom.

Forbidden City Virtual Accelerator March 22 - 26

Get immediate help and guidance with your Forge-powered projects in "real time".

Biringan City Virtual Accelerator April 26- 30

Benefit from dedicated time to develop your Forge application - with direct help and training from Forge engineering experts. 

Forge Online Learning: Upcoming Webinars

Additional Learning Online

Forge DevCon Class Recordings

Watch recordings of classes from Forge DevCon at Autodesk University. Includes select classes from 2017-2019.

Forge Learning Content

Check out Dev Days recordings, Forge Partner Talks, Forge webinars, and other online learning series on our YouTube playlist. Videos added each month.

Forge DevCon Playlist

Get a taste of Forge DevCon. Watch Forge DevCon keynotes, select classes, and highlight videos from Las Vegas and Germany events.

Forge at Autodesk University

Join the world's largest VIRTUAL gathering of design and engineering focused software professionals. Event is November 17 to 20 with content available after until December 20. Visit the Forge page to start learning today.

Autodesk University is Here

Visit the Forge at Autodesk University landing page for both live and on-demand events for Forge.

Visit the Forge page

Opportunities for continuous learning

Whether you attended AU or not, there are opportunities to continue learning online.

Forge for Construction

There is a “connected construction” revolution taking place in the Construction industry. See how Forge helps business adapt and make giant leaps forward.


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Forge for Manufacturing

The world of manufacturing is well on its way to becoming smarter and more efficient. See how Forge can help you embrace this digital transformation.


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Forge for Building Design

The digital transformation for architects & engineers has sped up, and Forge provides many of the tools that can help you take advantage of the shift.


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Forge for Civil Infrastructure

Demands of population growth rise, while the workforce diminishes and infrastructure ages. Learn how Forge can help solve inefficiencies.


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Forge at AU

Forge Activities at AU 2020

Forge has got activities before, during, and after the conference. From bootcamps to hackathons. Keynotes to classes. And so much more. Check out this blog to learn what we're up to and to get excited for what is in store.

See what Forge is up to this year

Class list available for AU

Autodesk University has posted the list of classes on the site. There's a lot to explore so check it out. This year there are multiple Forge Roadmap sessions, partner-led classes, panel discussions and more. If you aren't sure what to attend, stay tuned for blog posts and updates to help you curate your experience.

Check out the AU 2020 classes

AU Classes

Forge AU Highlights

Rev up for AU with these pre-events

The week before AU is your time to stretch your coding muscles. 

Learn from over 100 Forge-focused classes

From visual insights to digital twins. Configurators to BIM.

Whether you are new to Forge or an experienced veteran, there is a Forge class for you. 

Forge Fire Faceoff, a leadership game show

Get to know Forge leadership as they tackle spicy hot sauces and sizzling questions.

Play along for added fun.

Forge DevCon Past Event Archive

Curious what to expect at a Forge DevCon event? Check out the past events.

Forge DevCon Las Vegas 2019

Over 4000 people attended this joint event with Connect & Construct Summit.

Forge DevCon Darmstadt 2019

Almost 300 people gathered the day before Autodesk University to focus on Forge.

Forge DevCon 2018

We kicked off our Connect & Construct partnership with this sold out event.

Forge DevCon 2017

This was the first year Forge DevCon joined forces with Autodesk University.

Forge DevCon San Francisco 2016

This event was the inaugural Forge DevCon held in San Francisco, California.

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