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The Forge Platform

What is Forge?

Autodesk Forge is a cloud-based developer platform that unlocks design and engineering data to fuel creative problem solving. It is a growing ecosystem of APIs and web services that accelerates application development, letting you extend the Autodesk portfolio and build custom solutions that solve today’s challenges. By helping you connect workflows and enabling data to flow easily across projects and industries, Forge lets you focus on creating the design and make experiences that will power a better future.

What can I do with Forge?
  • Accelerate your existing online workflows or create new solutions
  • Helps streamline the complexities of manufacturing, engineering, and construction industries by connecting players, components, and processes
  • Centralize your data and connect it to all points of the industry supply chain, empowering you to transform the manufacturing process
  • Create digital experiences that access any kind of design and engineering data—virtually anywhere, any time
  • Scale as your customers’ needs change or as you innovate
  • Improve existing software or build new, custom solutions using industry-standard web technologies

Check out our customer stories to see how our customers use Forge to make the future.

Who is Forge for?

Forge helps companies in the engineering, construction, and manufacturing industries. Forge APIs and services help them address challenges by enabling the development of customized, scalable solutions that meet the digital needs of tomorrow. Building a new application or upgrading an existing product? Forge can help by offering APIs (application programming interface) and services that leverage design data to create opportunities for innovation and collaboration.

How is Forge different than other PaaS (Platform as a Service) offerings?

Forge is the only PaaS from a leader with over 35 years of industry expertise in 3D design, engineering, construction, and entertainment software that offers SaaS (Software as a Service) for BIM (Building Information Modeling), manufacturing, CAD (Computer Aided Design), PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), and more. In addition, it runs on the same foundational cloud services and IT infrastructure that powers our partner and customer solutions.

What is included in the platform?

Viewer displays 2D and 3D design files including basic VR (virtual reality) and associated data from more than 50+ file formats. It allows users to share design information via web browsers and create tailored customer experiences for project dashboards, cost estimations, bills of materials, and schedule views. Viewer also leverages information from other applications.

Model Derivative API represents and shares design files in different formats, prepares them for online viewing, and extracts geometry and object property data. Design data can be quickly and easily integrated with other systems such as ERP (enterprise resource planning), PLM (product lifecycle management), cost estimating, and scheduling.

Design Automation API runs AutoCAD as an engine in the cloud. Use it as a drawing generation engine for web applications or convert thousands of DWG files to PDF files in batch. Coming soon: Autodesk Inventor and Revit engines.

Data Management API manages files across A360, Fusion 360, and BIM 360 Docs, as well as Forge’s native Object Storage Service. Use a unified interface to upload/download data files from different Autodesk products and web services. Access project- and file-level data for integrating with other enterprise or project systems.

To view all other APIs and services, visit APIs Documentation.

Will the collection of Forge APIs expand over time?

New APIs and additional software components will be released on an ongoing basis. Sign up to our Forge Community Newsletter to receive updates about new releases.

Do you offer a 'private cloud' or 'self-hosted' option?



How much does Forge cost?

Your costs will depend on how you plan on using the Forge APIs and services. If you sign up to Try Forge for free, you will receive access to the full range of Forge APIs, 5 GB of storage, and 100 trial Cloud Credits for free to be used across all Forge APIs and services. When you are ready to purchase additional Cloud Credits, you can do so starting with packs of 100 Cloud Credits for $300 USD (prices vary by country).

If I Buy Forge, does my Forge account and associated pre-paid Cloud Credits automatically renew after 12 months?
Your access to your Forge account must be manually renewed via a Purchase Order. Renewals can be transacted as early as 90 days prior to expiration. To avoid potentially losing access to your software, services, or benefits, it is important to renew your contract before the expiration date. Please contact us at to renew your Forge account.
What is a Cloud Credit?

Cloud Credits are the unit of measurement required to perform certain tasks, such as translating a file in a cloud environment using Autodesk cloud services.

Additional Cloud Credits can be purchased based on estimated consumption. For more information, visit our pricing page or contact us at to discuss ongoing consumption needs.

How can I purchase additional Cloud Credits?
If you use up your Cloud Credits, you can purchase from a sales representative via a purchase order. Visit the pricing page to learn more about how to purchase additional Cloud Credits.
How can I integrate Forge into my business model?

There are a variety of ways to integrate the Forge business model into your own application, including passing the costs incurred through consumption usage onto your customers.

Does Forge offer pricing for enterprise-scale use?

Yes. Contact us at to learn more.

Will any unused credits be rolled over?

All Cloud Credits expire within 12 months of receipt.

If the Design Automation API is priced ‘per CPU Hour’, how am I charged for usage less than an hour?

For all Forge APIs, fractional Cloud Credit charges for are accrued, and are only deducted from your account (in integer amounts) when an integer amount has been consumed. For example, the Design Automation API is priced at 2 Cloud Credits per processing hour (which is 1 Cloud Credit per 30 processing minutes). If you run a WorkItem that consumes 15 minutes of processing time, you will see no Cloud Credit charge. If you then run another WorkItem that consumes 15 minutes of processing time, you will see a charge of 1 Cloud Credit (15 minutes + 15 minutes = 30 minutes = 1 Cloud Credit).

What are the applicable terms for the Forge for Free COVID-19 offering?

Autodesk software and services made available under this Program are subject to the Forge Terms of Use and may be used for commercial purposes in accordance with such terms. All benefits may not be available for all software or services in all languages or geographies. You may terminate your participation in this Program (and the Terms of Use) at any time for any reason. Autodesk may terminate this Program (and the Terms of Use) at any time for any reason.

Usage & Availability

What happens if I run out of Cloud Credits?

When you run out of Cloud Credits, you may contact us at to purchase additional Cloud Credits for consumption. We will not turn off access to APIs without notifying you. We do reserve the right to limit excessive usage and will communicate with you before API usage is affected.

What programming languages does the platform support?

Forge is a set of RESTful APIs. As such, you can use the development languages and tools of your choice. In addition, the Forge Viewer is a client-side JavaScript component and so it exposes a JavaScript API.

What geos does this platform serve?

The Forge trial and Cloud Credits are available worldwide. If you have additional questions please email

Training & Support

What kind of support will I receive?

We maintain a range of online resources to help you get up and running on Forge, including sample code on GitHub, a developer blog, videos, and tutorials in each respective API documentation pages. If you can't find what you need there, then you can pose your questions to our community on StackOverflow.

Can I get help with determining which APIs I need?

Yes. We recommend you first review resources available on the Forge developer portal for more information about how you can best use our Forge APIs for your business needs. If you still have questions, then please email us at, and we'll be happy to arrange a call to talk you through your options.

What training is available?

The API documentation on the Forge website includes tutorials for all our APIs. We also offer comprehensive online resources. See also “What kind of support will I receive?” above.

What is the Forge Accelerator program?

The Forge team runs regular accelerators virtually and at Autodesk offices around the world. These typically last one week (Monday to Friday). During the Accelerator, participants will work intensively on a chosen project with the help of our team of Autodesk Forge experts. Upcoming Accelerator dates and venues are posted on the Accelerator Page and on the Forge Community Blog.


How is security/data privacy ensured?
  1. We build security into our products by following secure development practices throughout the product lifecycle. By doing so, Autodesk creates products that are more resilient to threats and makes it harder for attackers to develop exploits, which helps us protect our customers and their assets.
  2. Autodesk uses active monitoring and threat intelligence to help detect and contain threats to Autodesk’s cloud.
  3. We respond effectively to reduce customer risk. No matter how stringent we have been in building defenses, attackers may still find a way to compromise them. We work proactively to prioritize and address security weaknesses so we can quickly neutralize the threat. Additionally, communicating transparently with our customers so that they can take steps to protect themselves is a critical part of product security.
  4. We comply with industry regulations and standards. We use third-party attestations to make sure we are focusing on the right elements and activities to secure our environments. Our philosophy is that compliance should be a by-product of good security.
  5. For more information about our security practices, visit the Autodesk Trust Center. If you want to learn more about developing a secure application, check out our RSA conference presentation.

For more information about our security practices, visit the Autodesk Trust Center. If you want to learn more about developing a secure application, check out our RSA conference presentation.

Integration With Other Autodesk Offerings

I have a Fusion 360/ A360/ BIM 360 subscription. Can I access the relevant APIs on Forge?

You will be able to access the relevant APIs on Forge through your existing product subscriptions (for example, BIM 360 API through a BIM 360 subscription). For access to APIs only available through the Forge platform, you will need to subscribe to Forge.

I have a BIM 360 subscription and would like to translate a file. Will I get charged Cloud Credits for this usage?

If you call the Model Derivative API directly, you will be charged Cloud Credits regardless of where the file comes from. However, if you translate the file through BIM 360 Docs, you will not be charged Cloud Credits and can access that translation through the Forge Data Management API.

Channel Partnerships

I’m a system integrator, independent software vendor, or Autodesk Developer Network member and want to resell Forge APIs. How do I do this?

Forge is a platform that we currently offer via purchase order. However, we see a huge opportunity for our reseller community to join our growing team of certified systems integrator partners, selling solutions and applications to third parties on the Forge platform.

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